Why this page?

Unmaking of “The Magnificent Ambersons” remains one of the greatest tragedies of the modern art history.

This website was put together (quickly) as a quick and direct reference to what the film might have been (or rather what it was before the studio butchering began), without delving into the tiresome production details.

Here it is, all in one place – the cutting continuity of the long lost version (taken from the Carringer’s book as it is, unfortunately, the only place where it can be found, albeit without his moronic essay and all the rest of it), the 2012 independent reconstruction, the full Bernard Herrmann soundtrack, some stills, a lovely reconstruction (or rather reenactment) by the Macalester College students and an incomplete list of links of interest.

I own none of the materials presented here and I am not making a dime out of any of it – it’s all here for the sake of art and education.

Long live Orson.